Aging and Neurocognition Lab (AANCL)

Research Goals

Research at the Aging and Neurocognition Lab (AANCL) has two overarching goals:

  • To understand how age and age-related conditions (e.g., mild cognitive impairment (MCI); Alzheimer’s disease dementia; age-associated hearing loss) impact higher-order cognitive functions (e.g., semantic processing; executive function)
  • To develop cognitive and social engagement approaches to enhance and maintain brain health in older adults


  • Barbara Williams Hodson Scholarship
    Congratulations to Natalia Rzepa for receiving the Barbara Williams Hodson Scholarship!
  • PhD Hooding Ceremony
      The ceremonial hooding of doctoral degree recipients recognizes their academic achievements and welcomes them into the community of scholars. We hope that you’ll celebrate this achievement with us!
  • American Speech-Language-Hearing Foundation Scholarships
    The American Speech-Language-Hearing Foundation gives scholarships to support graduate students who demonstrate academic achievement and promise. Lizzy Lydon and Shraddha Shende, PhD students in the AANCL lab, received the 2021 […]